Breeding information

Breeding to Mighty Luminous and Skip's SupremeSkip's Supreme (imp USA) and Mighty Luminous (imp Aust) are available by chilled semen, sent anywhere in NZ.

Breeding certificates provided for Sportaloosa International and ApHANZ so you can register your foal with the registry that works for you.

Service fee - $1,150 including GST, live foal guarantee. Includes one collection of semen.

Deductible booking fee $250 including GST, non-refundable.

Breeding contract - download the contract, complete and send it to us with your booking fee to secure your spot. If you have any questions or you're new to breeding with transported semen, please don't hesitate to call or email and we'll talk you through it.

Knabstrupper stallions on ice

Breeding to the Knabstruppers Sartor's Supermodel and Lori's Flashpoint Af Lyn

We have frozen semen available at $900 per dose including GST for Sartor's Supermodel (imp Denmark) and Lori's Flashpoint Af Lyn (imp Germany).

Both stallions have proven the quality of their frozen semen by getting mares in foal so you can be these boys will live up to their end of the breeding deal.

Breeding contract - download the frozen semen contract.

Photo - Jody Millward